Yathar Cho Industry Ltd.

As a distributor of Yum Yum products, we proudly represent a brand that dominates the instant noodle market as No. 1 Instant Noodle Brand in Myanmar, holding a significant share in this category. Yum Yum stands out as one of the most extensively available and widely distributed products in the food segment.

Cho Cho Industry Ltd.

As distributors of Shin Shin Brand’s instant rice noodles and vermicelli products in Myanmar, we proudly represent a name that holds a significant position in the market for these delicacies. Shin Shin stands as a revered choice widely embraced by consumers across the region for its premium quality and diverse range of offerings.

Fisherman Brand

Fisherman’s is ready-to-cook sardine canned food. Sardines in tomato sauce are perfect for quick, delicious dishes. With freshness sardine fish and a flavourful tomato blend, cooking becomes effortless while enjoying the taste of the sea to your kitchen.

Cho Cho Industry Ltd.

Presenting Cho’s Kitchen, where Myanmar’s culinary treasures come alive through the irresistible flavors of Mohingar and Ar Pu Shar Pu by emboding tradition and culture, directly to your table proudly through Myanmar Zarla Distribution’s network.

Munchy Food Industries Co.,Ltd.

As distributors of Munchy’s products in Myanmar, we proudly bring the taste of delightful snacks and treats to our market. Munchy’s, No.1 homegrown biscuits brand in Malaysia, is synonymous with quality and innovation, offering a wide array of delectable snacks loved by people of all ages.

Cho Cho Industry Ltd.

Neo instant rice noodles offer a culinary journey through Asia’s diverse flavours. Dive into a bowl to experience the rich tapestry of flavors encapsulating these vibrant cultures.

Cho Cho Industry Ltd.

Everyone can cook. Super Cook is an easy to cook paste and have five flavours.For each type of paste, there’s a basic expectation of what it should taste like; but like any receipe, everyone has their own specific formula.

Arthas Zaw Co.,Ltd.

Nuthouse cashew rusks are healthy and crunchy. Its crispy texture and nutty taste make munching all the more fun. Made from the finest quality Cashew Nuts. Cashew as an ingredient makes our rusk more delicious. Enjoy it at your home or office as a snack for your anytime.