About Us

Myanmar Zarla Distribution

Myanmar Zarla Distribution, initially launched in November 2005 as Mercury Distribution Co., Ltd, commenced operations with a modest fleet of three trucks dedicated to servicing Yangon. In March 2016, we underwent a rebranding phase, evolving into Myanmar Zarla Distribution and expanding our operations significantly.


During our early stages, retail distribution was an emerging concept, while other distribution channels held preference. Nevertheless, our unwavering commitment to our vision propelled us forward, allowing us to carve a niche within Myanmar’s market space.


Our own necessity for a distributor with the capacity to reach that very last mile generated the need to do it right and to do it well. So in 2005 we founded our distribution network and have not looked back since. Recognizing the need for comprehensive service, we diversified distribution channels, encompassing wholesale, retail, modern trade, and other pivotal market segments.


Through years of enhancing our competencies and infrastructure, Myanmar Zarla Distribution has emerged as a foremost nationwide distributor. Our commitment lies in furnishing customers with leading multi-channel networks, geographical diversity, robust sales force, and scalable operations, empowering them to excel in Myanmar’s market landscape.

Our Vision

We envision to be a pivotal bridge seamlessly connecting businesses with consumers, fostering a direct and effective channel of engagement and commerce.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect consumers throughout Myanmar with quality products, simultaneously fostering unique values for all stakeholders along the value chain. This principle has been ingrained in our group since its inception, which originally began in the manufacturing sector.

Our Value

At our core, we embody a vision built upon pillars of Innovation, Knowledge, Service, and Reach. With these core pillars, we aim to set new standards, continuously evolve, and create distinct and sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

Zarla’s Customer-Centric Approach : Paving the Way to Your Success in Myanmar market.


Myanmar Zarla Distribution now stands at the forefront of technological advancement in distribution sector within Myanmar. Our multifaceted role as a consultancy, distributor, and manufacturer grants us a distinct perspective on the market. Through seamless integration between our manufacturing and distribution arms, we’ve honed an unparalleled level of technological sophistication. This expertise positions Zarla as the preeminent leader capable of helping our principals to optimize their impact in Myanmar’s ever-evolving marketplace.

Our Distribution Channels

Traditional Trade:

The backbone of Myanmar’s consumer market is rooted in traditional trade, constituting over 80% of the demand for FMCG products. Our strategic expansion within the retail sector has yielded a robust presence, boasting a nationwide network of 15 branch offices and over 20,000 direct distribution outlets—an ecosystem continually growing by the day.

Modern Trade:

The burgeoning modern trade segment stands as one of the country’s swiftest-growing market domains and holds significant importance for the future. Our strategy entails every modern trade center within our portfolio, ensuring our brands’ pervasive presence, establishing distinctive brand positioning from inception and fostering an integrated customer experience.






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