A Distribution Company Designed for Principals

First came the need, then the knowledge. Our own necessity for a distributor with the capacity to reach that very last mile generated the need to do it right and to do it well. So in 2005 we founded our distribution network and have not looked back since.

We take the responsibility of carrying forward your brands into Myanmar with pride and a duty of care. Our pledge is to offer a service of reliability, transparency, and speed. As we are the most technologically advanced distribution company in Myanmar, you will get unparalleled connectivity, continual innovation and tailored service. Your success is our success.

Our 4 Core Values

  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Knowledge
  • Reach

About Our B2B Services

Ma Khin Khin Win
Shop owner in Mandalay

Ma Khin Khin Win
Shop owner

Shwe La Won Store

“I have been using Zarla for the last 15 years, they visit regularly and I have always been happy with the support they give me.”

Ma Khin Mar Oo
Shop owner in Madalay

Ma Khin Mar Oo
Shop owner

TW Store

“Zarla is a trusted partner for the store and the strong relationship has lasted several years.”

Zarla Fulfillment Service

Zarla fulfillment service can help you scale your business and reach more customers.

Our customers can now focus on selling their products, making their business profitable and easier to manage through our expert service and integrated technology without being involve in resource-intensive tasks such as management of delivery route, distribution and warehousing.

Over 20,000 customers using Zarla

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