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Our customers can now focus on selling their products, making their business profitable and easier to manage through our expert service and integrated technology without being involve in resource-intensive tasks such as management of delivery route, distribution and warehousing.


Delivery services have gained momentum among online merchants, small and medium companies that do not have access to infrastructure and logistic facilities. 15 years of market experience in logistic industry give us unique point of view and our company decided to diversify into new market segment, Door to Door express delivery service. We are opening new warfare in this Door to Door express delivery market by introducing cutting-edge technology to please customers satisfaction and to take part in E-commerce revolution of Myanmar. Our Core Competencies make us distinguish from our competitors and we always pri- oritize customers’ needs by providing quality service. Advantage of Zarla Delivery services are as follow: Reachability: Accessible to total of (322) townships in Myanmar. Cutting-Edge Technology: We present latest technology and software which will give leverage to our customers’ business. Fast Delivery: Our ser- vice guarantee to reach consumers within 2 days after receiving the package from the sender (only entitle for pick up before 12 am) Active GPS tracking system: Every motorcars or motorcycles of our company are equipped with GPS system, Fast Payment: Payment within one day after collecting money from consumers (except public holidays).


We offer the ideal option to store our customers’ products with ultimate convenience within reasonable price range. In this way, our customers can emphasis on selling, marketing and promoting their products while maximizing their revenue. Our Service will help you to save your resources by consolidating the most secure and safe warehousing service in Myanmar. Advance technology like our warehouse manage- ment software can customize to meet specific requirement, which will ensure our customers to get control of stock levels, order detail, tracking reports and stock replenishment. Our Customers can easily get report for their inventory by using Zarla Warehousing Application, in order for our customers to store their prod- ucts without stress or hassle. We also offer “Pick and Pack” service, which is the process of picking sold products from warehouse rack, packing in the box and delivering to the consumer destination.