Job Title

Vendor Engagement Manager – (Female – 5 Posts)

-Seek out, prospect, and integrate new vendors, brands, and manufacturers.

-Bolster existing collaborations, ensuring mutual evolution and profitability.

-Converse and set terms, conditions, and consensus with potential and current vendors.

-Scrutinize market tendencies and vendor performance metrics to discern growth channels.

-Ally with internal squads to conceive and implement vendor-centric growth stratagems.

-Facilitate collaborative business plotting sessions with pivotal partners.

-Design, orchestrate, and oversee promotions aligned with monthly and quarterly commercial targets.

-Work in tandem with sales and finance teams to ensure promotions are financially viable and align with broader company objectives.

-Forecast and evaluate the impact of promotions, iterating based on results to ensure maximum engagement and profitability.

-Draft and roll out digital campaigns to augment vendor involvement and loyalty.

-Pair with the marketing unit to generate vendor-centric promotional assets.

-Assess the efficacy of campaigns, using analytics to continually hone and refine strategies.

-Engage deeply with cross-functional cadres, encompassing sales, marketing, operations, and finance

-Relay insights and feedback to the product division to elevate the vendor experience on our platform.

-Compile periodic reports on vendor engagement metrics, onboarding rates, and campaign efficiency.

-Convey findings and discernments to the top-tier management to fuel decision-making.

-Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, or similar domains. A Master’s degree is preferable.

-A minimum of 5 years in vendor/partner management, sales, or a similar capacity.

-Comprehensive understanding of the FMCG market landscape in Myanmar.

-Stellar negotiation and interpersonal prowess.

-Analytical inclination with capabilities to dissect data and make informed determinations.

-Acquaintance with digital marketing tools and platforms.

-Proficiency in Burmese and English

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