Our Vision

To be the premier distribution service provider who delivers the greatest value for our customers and clients


About Us

Myanmar Zarla Distribution Co., Ltd was organized in March, 2016 at Yangon, Myanmar.

Before that time, the company was operated as Mercury Distribution Co., Ltd since November, 2005 and started its humble roots with just three trucks that were limited to serving only in Yangon. In the beginning of operations, belief in the concept and power of retail distribution was still in its infancy and other channels of distribution were preferred. However, the overriding desire to fulfill our VISION acted as our guiding star and the company slowly but surely carved out a market for itself in the Yangon market space.

After a few years of operations, it was decided that to be true to our VISION, we needed to expand our distribution footprint to other cities and regions in the country. This led to the opening of Mandalay Branch, which would become the first of many other branch offices in the future. It was also decided that an expansion in not only the location but the channels of distribution itself was needed to ensure that we provided the best service to our customers. Due to this, the company diversified its distribution channels to include wholesale, retail, modern trade and any other significant market segments in order to capitalize on our demand network.

After many years of building our capacity and infrastructure to include both hard and soft competencies, Myanmar Zarla Distribution is fast becoming one of the Premier Distributors in the country who can truly claim nationwide reach. It is our sincere intention to provide our customers with leading multi-channel networks, geographic diversity, effective sales-force and scale of operations so that they may enjoy leadership roles in the Myanmar market.

Fulfillment Made Simple

The advent of the e-commerce has proven to be one of the most seminal advancements in the field of trading. The buying behaviors of the consumers are shifting toward digital channel and this encourage the rise of online shopping in Myanmar. This paradigm shift in customer preference to shop online has encouraged business and online retailers to turn to third-party logistics and fulfillment service providers to deliver their product to consumer destinations.

This has given us the opportunity to fulfill the need of new distribution platform and we have decided to expand our business as an B2C commerce ranging from online retailers to major retailers that will reflect individual needs of customers. Starting from February 2018, we become official express service provider with an intention of providing our customers with innovative technology and a comprehensive suite of e-commerce and business solutions. Our motto as Zarla Delivery Service is “Fulfillment made Simple”, we can guarantee that Customers and Stakeholders of our company will live up to their expectation.